Friday, February 6, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday

The air changed and moved in an unnatural way, but it no longer scared her. She was prepared for this. She had been waiting for this for her entire life, to see the world through her coven's eyes, to be a full fledged member. The air began to swirl faster and faster around her and she joined the chanting of her sisters around her "double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble". The chanting got the louder and louder and she became less and less aware of her body and more aware of the elements around her.

And finally, when she didn't think she would last or take it any longer, she saw it and she understood why they did it. Such power and knowledge was undeniable.

She had seen the future, and it was great and dreadful, just as she.

This week's post was inspired in part by the witches from Shakespear's Macbeth and by this week's prompt:

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday

Here's this week's prompt:

And here's my response:

A man, covered in blood, just walked up to the gate. Different lies were forming in his head. What should I tell her? What would she believe? He knew he could have cleaned up first, and save needing to explain himself. But I need her to know I did it for her. All of it for her. 

She buzzed him through the gate, and was waiting for him in the open door as he made his way up the driveway. Her smile faltered as she took in his appearance.

"What happened to you? All you ok?"

He grinned. "More than ok."

Her heart dropped at his reaction. "What do you mean ok? How did you get covered in blood?"

"I took care of your little problem. Well I guess, our little problem now. You don't have to worry anymore." His eyes softened with affection, but were still gleeful with his happy news. However he could tell from her face that this wasn't going the direction he had hoped.

"Adam, no" she groaned. "Why would you do that? I have to turn you in." She moved inside the house, determined.

He sighed and quickly moved after her, locking the door behind him. He didn't want it to turn out this way. But hey, a little more blood wouldn't hurt.


I know, not the most clever. But hey, what can I say about waiting till the last moment while I'm in an airport wating to get back to New Zealand. Creativity and procrastination generally don't mesh.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday

The prompt this week was a stanza from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "A Dream". Here's my response. It begins with the stanza from the poem.

Ah! what is not a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turned back upon the past?

She pushed her textbook away. The past. The past? Can it be considered the past if it’s still sitting right next to you? A chill passed through her hand as her dead boyfriend’s ghost reached for the textbook, brushing her hand. “What’s up? Is the reading assignment not your cup of tea?”

“Um, no, it’s fine,” What’s not my cup of tea is the fact my last reading assignment accidentally led to the partial resurrection of my dead boyfriend. She looked at him across the table. His ghost had this dark shadow that was deepening behind his features. He was becoming more and more restless in this limbo he found himself in. The ‘ray of the past’ that lifted her heart the first time his ghost found her was all but gone. Her heart was broken when he died in that car accident a year ago, but was this any better? Could it even be worse?

She took her textbook back, smiling weakly at his pale and frightening features. Maybe more Poe could tell her what past is past and how to keep it there.


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Friday, December 26, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday

Hey there! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I actually have a somewhat season-related flash fiction response this time to this prompt:

She never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me what was about to happen. She was going to bring up politics at the dinner table. Conversation had lulled and we had already avoided that general topic three times over between Uncle Larry’s racist joke and Grandpa’s nickname for the new brother-in-law.

You could intervene, my little shoulder angel seemed to whisper, she hasn’t been home in a while and doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.

Naw! My little shoulder devil piped in. It could be fun to watch.

And it was, poor thing.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday 2

Here's this week's prompt:

And here's my 100 word response:

It was an impulse buy and my heart was thumping vigorously for the recklessness of my actions. I was desperate to hide it. Once home, I headed straight for the basement, hiding my folly in a loose wall panel. I turned to find my secret deed scrutinized by my black cat Pluto. His sagacious one-eyed gaze bored into me. But surely my cat would never reveal me? I ran upstairs to greet the sounds of my beloved returned home, only to be stopped cold by the screeching meow of Pluto, leading only to exactly where I hid it.

I drew heavily on Edgar Allan Poe's short story The Black Cat which I highly recommend reading.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday

So... I know it has been over a year since my last post....BUT I recently joined a group of lovely and talented writers that should get me posting at least once a week (yaay!). It's called Flash Fiction Friday. What happens is each week we get a new prompt and every Friday we each post our 100 word response to that prompt. And don't worry, you won't have to get bored with only my ideas each week because I will link all the other responses with my posts so you can see what everyone came up with.

Here is this week's prompt:

My Flash Fiction:

The creature sat lazily in the high branches of a tree, picking its sharp yellow teeth with its long, ragged fingernails. A closer look would reveal gray skin long since void of any warm pigment and blood red eyes that shone with anything but humanity. Voices carried to the top branches, the creature tensed with excitement. It seemed the jogger it had been stalking must have felt its presence and brought a friend for protection. Silly humans, it thought as it swooped down from its perch. No one stands a chance against the ancient thirst of the Wendigo once it has found its prey.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Silly Little Thought on Romantic Comedies

Tonight I was listening to music,doing my best pretending to be productive, and a song from one of my favorite chick flicks from my teenage/hopeless romantic phase (which I'm not completely sure I ever got over) came on. I was suddenly flooded not only with nostalgia for all those girls nights with popcorn and chocolate, but with emotions of love, excitement, longing, and completion. I was feeling everything  that song sang about and that movie brought to the screen. Only, it was better than anything that song or movie could convey...because it was real. I am in love. I feel complete and happy, and love someone with an intensity that cannot be contained in any movie or song, no matter how great. It hit me that my reality is better than any fantasy I drooled over as a teenage girl waiting for my prince charming to come. He's better than any prince charming and my life is better than a fairytale. I am in love and it is real and I no longer have to daydream about what all the love songs are talking about....because I'm living it.