Friday, February 6, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday

The air changed and moved in an unnatural way, but it no longer scared her. She was prepared for this. She had been waiting for this for her entire life, to see the world through her coven's eyes, to be a full fledged member. The air began to swirl faster and faster around her and she joined the chanting of her sisters around her "double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble". The chanting got the louder and louder and she became less and less aware of her body and more aware of the elements around her.

And finally, when she didn't think she would last or take it any longer, she saw it and she understood why they did it. Such power and knowledge was undeniable.

She had seen the future, and it was great and dreadful, just as she.

This week's post was inspired in part by the witches from Shakespear's Macbeth and by this week's prompt:

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  1. That's a cool concept, that being a part of a coven gives you a different perspective. I suppose that's what would keep you from being a lone witch :D Love the Shakespeare reference! That guy is great :D

  2. I picked seeing the future because that's what the witches do in Macbeth (hence all of his problems!). And thanks! Shakespeare is pretty great ;)

  3. Ooh, I love a good witch story! I like the way you describe the process of the spell. I am especially partial to Shakespeare's witches; Witch #2 is my all-time dream role. I've always liked the theory that the witches not only saw the future, but caused it to happen intentionally. But one of the great things about Macbeth is just how many different theories and ideas it suggests.